Ms Rubber Netherlands

Change of Plans #Corvid:
we will choose
Ms Rubber
Netherlands 2021
in the spring of 2021!!!

The Title

Ms Rubber Netherlands will be actively representing the Dutch rubber scene and specifically the women within that scene.

It is not a beauty-contest. You act as an ambassador, creating more visibility and understanding between the rubber world and the rest of Nederland.

Rubber to you is a passion, a lifestyle, a fetish, but most of all a way to be yourself!

You are someone who’s seeing what is needed to empower the (women in the) rubber scene, and you work on that.

You are a Catalyst, making things happen. You’re a team player who is not afraid of the spotlight, and who uses that spotlight to get a message across.

It is not so much about saying the “politically correct” things, but that -as a title holder- you are a figurehead.

What do you stand for and what do you want to be put in the spotlight, if you follow your heart? You’ll only have this title for one year, so you are not going to please everyone.
If you’d do your own thing… what are you going to achieve in this one title-year?

It’s up to Ms Rubber Netherlands to decide.
But there’s the Ms Rubber Netherlands Team help you with ideas 😉

The Team

Nereida Deadlysin
Fetish Model, latex lifestyer

Adalberto Rubbadam
Mr Rubber Netherlands 2019
Mr International Rubber 23

Karin West
Ms Leather Netherlands 2020, Public Speaker, Organiser, Lifestyler

Hans West
Kink Aware Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher, Organiser, Lifestyler

Axe Leito
Mr Leather Netherlands 2019, Organiser, Initiator of the Ms Rubber Netherlands elections


Mark your calendar!
The election for Ms Rubber 2020 will take place 5 June 2020!!!
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Registrations are on hold for now (Corona/Corvid19)…

But if you’d like to know more about the Ms Rubber Netherlands 2020 election

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